Welcome to the WikiEdit

This is the CjacobsSA wiki. Cjacobs is a good lp boy and literally the best at max payne 3 speedrunnig

What is a CJacobs?Edit

CJacobs is a sweet fellow just tryna make in this bitter, coffee flavored world. He is a good friend to all the dogs in the world, and has petted over 3,000 canines to date in between running to his college classes with toast in his mouth. He can LP real good, and doesn't afraid of anything!

What does the C stand for? Edit

For twelve years, you have been asking: What does the C stand for? This is what the C stands for.

Tell me a story! Edit

Okay, you can read a good story here.

It is a story without a moral but it is True and Noble!

Latest activityEdit

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